Healthy and happy on set.

Food is the driving force to your production day and we are here to keep you satisfied with delicious snacks and meals. We have options for all dietary needs to keep everyone on your team motivated and on top of their game. Offering multiple menus that you can choose from for your projects; from breakfast to afternoon snack and everything in between. With years of experience perfecting the craft service and meal planning for productions both big and small, we have creative solutions and exciting offerings for your next project.



Client & Craft Services

Catering Management

Craft Service Equipment Rentals

Location Picnic Baskets 

Specialty Concierge Services

Sample Menus

Smoothie Bar & Quiche
Waffle Bar & Yogurt Parfaits
Sweet & Savory Quinoa Bar 

Build Your Own Baked Potato
Sandwich & Salad Bar
Poke Bar & BBQ Meats

Client Services Craft and Catering Management Pick up & Drop off Baskets



Take a break from doing it all, allow us to help out.