Year-round tropics

The House Team is here for your next on-location productions with our immense amount of experience coordinating shoots for you in our own studio. We are ready to take on your projects with you in the exciting and perfect locations in Hawai'i and the Seattle area. We hope to help you have a sunny year when shooting with us. 


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Luxury Hotels and Experiences

Whether you are looking for a 5-star hotel in the most thriving city in the US or a luxury tropical backdrop to some of the most luxury hotels in the Pacific, our library will be sure to answer all of your questions.

Year-round Tropical Locales  

Year round, it's possible to find sunshine and summer. Hawai'i offers lush landscapes and breathtaking light. We have exclusive access to some of Hawai'i's most hard to reach locations and premium property.

Vast Possibilities with the PNW

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most saught out locations for film and photography from moody coastlines to gentle snow piled peaks. 


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